Switch OLED screen shows no display, but touch works

I’ve got a switch OLED model that is in working condition other than it won’t display anything on the OLED screen.

It charges, touch screen works, it’ll display on a tv if it’s docked, etc.

I tried a factory reset and re-seated the display connector and it’s still doesn’t work. There doesn’t appear to be any visible damage on the board or connector, the ribbon cable for the screen looks good, and the capacitors near the screen connector seem to be fine.

I’ve done some other detective work with other repair groups online and I think it might be narrowed down to a DOS04 chip on the back side of the board underneath where the screen connector is. I searched for this chip online but can’t find an exact model match. I found similar ones on aliepxress and one of the listings mentions “light control” so I’m thinking I’m on the right track, but I have no idea.

So I’m curious if anyone else has had this issue? Any other ideas to test? I’m I out of luck for finding this part?

Appreciate any thoughts!

Hi i have the same problem. Does anyone fixed the black Screen.

Unfortunately, I never found a fix. Sorry

so if touch screen is black and the switch works in docked mode it could very well be the connector on the board.
Sorry oled screen connector.

I have the same issue. I tried replacing both the screen and the FPC connector, but it didn’t solve the issue. Has anyone managed to find a solution yet?

I never found a fix myself. Hopefully someone can

Did you try replacing the driver chip for the screen that you mentioned in your first post? That was going to be the next thing i tried.

Yeah I tried replacing that chip I mentioned and it didn’t work. I’m still fairly inexperienced with this stuff so I stopped there.

Do you have the datasheet for that IC by any chance? It could be that a short somewhere else is pulling the enable pin low.

Unfortunately, I don’t. I looked everywhere in my files and can’t find where I ordered it. BUT if you look up DOS04 chip on google you might be able to find something?

The one i have uses a chip labeled PF3I rather than DOS04, but i can’t seem to find datasheets for either of them.

TPS65633BKRTER or S2DOS04 they are interchangable

Do you have the datasheets? Searching on google only brings up results for TPS65633BRTER, which is not the same.

LABEL PF3I goes for TPS65633BK, and DOS04 for S2DOS04. they’re both custom chip so data sheet not available for public.
OLED has no different circuit design for oled drive and i have seem both chip been used on oled model.
You could only find typical phone screen led drive circuits using dos04 chip as reference

here is tps65633bk on phone like mi mix3 circuit reference

By chance you have diode reading around this ic. I have 2 boards with the same issue. Ordered the 5 ic waiting for it to arrive. Thanks

Hi guys,

@Integ209 do you know how long it takes for you delivery of the chips? Would like to know a new chip will fix the issue?


I ordered from aliexpress, prob around 2 weeks