Switch won't show up on tv but dock is fine!

I have a Nintendo switch that won’t show up on the tv. The dock is fine because it works with other switches. I know the problem resides with the switch itself. Charging port seems fine. No bent pins and charges fine. Where should I start looking? Not water damaged.

i would check p13usb

always check every 24pins of usb port before thinking ic go bad. sometime you can’t see the track broke off from the 2nd hidden rail pads

I checked the filters below the P13 chip and I get continuity on every single one. Is the next step to buy a breakout board and test the 2nd row of pins on the charge port?

Please check this post:

So there are a bunch of things to consider here:

  1. Damaged USB-C port pins
  2. Damaged/cracked/lifted pads under USB-C port
  3. CC line filter IC failing
  4. M92 USB orientation identifier logic to P13USB failed (3.3v logic lines)
  5. Filters on P13USB
  6. P13USB (normally there is evidence of burn marks)

Debug advice on each item:

  1. You can confirm 1. with visual inspection (microscope)
  2. A USB-C break-out board to check this. See attached diagram. My personal preference is one of these: http://www.elabguy.com/datasheet/USB3.1-CM-CF-V3A%20Rev1.0.pdf
  3. If the Switch is charging with the OEM Nintendo charger both sides, then you can rule this out
  4. Check logic as per the attached diagram for both charger connector orientations (doesn’t need dock)
  5. Continuity checks each side of the filters (x5 black packages below P13USB)
  6. No obvious tests. Have to replace the chip.

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I might add that checking for shorts on the P13USB will give you confirmation that it or something else on the 3v3 line has failed, but the chip can still fail without a short.