Switch works, but RCM wont accept payload

Hey all, need some advice/help.

Replaced the M92T36 chip and now my switch works!! it wasn’t docking and would intermittently charge. Those issues have been fixed. However, now I cant get it to send a payload in RCM mode. I know it is in RCM bc I have to exit it by forcing the power button for 15 seconds. Before replacing the M92T36 chip, I had no problem getting into RCM/sending payload. I replaced the M92T36 again and 2 USB-C ports. Im thinking something shorted and usbc pins are not working to accept data from incoming payload. any ideas would be appreciated?

P.S. I use a payload dongle. I also tried to send payload from mac.

Update: Found the filter on data lines not having continuity. will update when I replace it.

check upper portion of fitter diode reading or Side-A audio ic bottom D+, D- test point reading before replacing filter


Still new to multimeter and boards and exactly what to do. So I should check above the filter and trace the lines? then contact point in 2 and 3?

I checked this filter and it didn’t have continuity.

Have had such a strange switch - you can check out this thread is this is the same - was not able to fix it.


Thanks for sharing. I saw your thread. What I came up with is the filter on my switch doesn’t pass continuity and this is where data passes through to the Soc. The one above the 7c chip above the usbc port.

I changed the port and the M92 again and don’t think I soldered the port properly… hopefully nothing else shorted out.

New issue is that it says it’s charging but it’s not. And it’s randomly disconnecting from the doc.

I’m traveling overseas at the moment and will be a little before I can find/order the chip/tools.

Will update

@taugust did you ever fix your issue?

I replaced the filter above and now I am able to boot into RCM mode again!! Still says charging but battery isn’t… replaced battery and still doing the same thing.

Unfortunately, haven’t fixed the issue and I have sold the switch so I cannot (re)check again.