Volume buttons not working but going into recovery mode is possible

So i have a switch. where the volume buttons does not work.
But i can go into recovery mode, what requires to pres volume up/down and power button.

Does anyone know how to solve this? any piece of help is very much welcome :slight_smile:

(Sorry for any grammar fault. english is not my 1st language)

There’s not really any way to know without being able to test it. I’d suspect maybe a bad button, ribbon cable or connection. If you remove the back you can check out those items

Thank you for your awnser!

I replaced the ribbon already and it does not make a diffrence. The connector where the ribbon is going into is good also. When i opend it i saw the fan ribbon was not close, so i suspeced that somone opend it already. I do repairs for CEX in the netherlands. so i guess a costumer for them opend it already without saying it. Do you know where to search? because if i got my multimeter everything is the same as a good switch board. I am probebly missing something.

Hmmmm…I haven’t seen this problem before so I don’t really have any clues for you unfortunately. Hopefully someone else will come along and see this and give you some help. Sorry I can’t help you out here.

Thank You for the awnser, the awesome commnity and your awesome youtube video’s :slight_smile:

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Maybe it’s a bad volume control board

Unfortunate it is not. Replaced it already and it still does the same.

I would definitely try blowing out and cleaning the connector maybe with some alcohol.

its worth a shot. Thx

Hey there,

So, if I understood you correctly, the situation is the following:
In normal operation, when operated with the stock firmware, the volume buttons do not work. BUT, you can get into recovery mode, which requires you to press the volume up button and power button simltaneously (+jig). Did I understand that correct?
If so, it seems to be a software issue to me. Try injecting a payload while in RCM that makes use of the volume buttons. I’d suspect they will work there.
I’d try factory resetting the switch and see if the problem remains. Sounds like that might actually fix the problem.


Sorry for my late reply. Yes you understand it correctly.
I will try and let you know when i have time.

Many thanks :slight_smile:

Hey there,
please also tell us if it worked or not! :slight_smile:

I’m wondering if you have a switch with “autoRCM” enabled. It’s a Homebrew feature where it edits your Boot0 to always go into RCM mode instead of booting normally. This would be occuring even without hitting the volume button and without a jig. If you don’t have a way of injecting a payload the system would appear effectively bricked (slow charge only not fast charging, no battery icon on screen). If you can boot up to hekate you can check this option/set it back to boot normally.

The idea here is your vol + button isn’t actually working it’s just auto booting to RCM mode.

Wanted to post a vid, from precisly the problem, but i cant post yt link.

The thing is i dont know what happend with it as it came back from a store, so i dont know what exectly happend with it. You think it is a problem with homebrew/bad software? Because i dont have a clue how it works. (Yet ;))

It might be if it boots to RCM mode without you having to push any volume buttons at all.

It sounds like autoRCM, still it shouldnt do anything wrong with the buttons functions, so you have a hardware problem i would say.

You can disable autoRCM injecting hekate i believe, search more online.

Still is a weird problem, does the sound do something when you change it via the switch software?

Hey there,
With autoRCM he shouldn’t be able to boot without injecting a payload. As far as I understood he is able to boot OFW without doing anything. Or did I get that wrong?